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The Community Management team implements and maintain of a set of Community Rules; along with the security staff to uphold them. By implementing these rules, we believe the benefit of the entire Community will be served. Further, a safe and secure environment, where residents respect each other and their property, space and privacy will serve to uphold and / or increase property values over time.

Our Community Management team has undertaken the responsibility of promoting awareness of the rules and make them easily accessible to residents. You can view your community’s rules on this site.

There are guidelines not only for use of facilities and conduct, but also regarding fit-out and architectural improvements sought by owners. Please contact the Community Management directly at admin.DHMC@damacgroup.com or download our helpful factsheets and forms on this site.

Finally, the importance of paying the Service Charge in full and on time, is vitally important to the smooth operation of the Community. Thus, we can take a number of measures to address the issue of non-payment including:

  • A ‘late payment charge’
  • Refusal to issue certain documentation in the transfer of property, move requests and denial of access community facilities and so on
  • Suspension of non-essential services
  • To understand more about the Community Charge and how it is calculated, please click here.