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15 Jun, 16
How are services at DAMAC Hills financed?

Primarily through the Master Community Service Charge, which you pay each year. In simple terms, you pay a fair share towards the running of the common areas of the development. The service charges for the first year at DAMAC Hills will be specified in your final invoice. These are based on current estimates of costs. Should the actual cost exceed ...

12 Jun, 17
How does Master Community Management benefit me?

Simply, by giving you peace of mind knowing that there is a professional team of specialists behind the scenes making sure that the Community, the environment, and all its related technical equipment are being well maintained.

12 Jun, 17
What is covered in the Master Community Service Charge and what isn’t?

The chart in the following pages tries to answer these questions in a simple and clear manner. Hopefully the questions you have will be addressed, yet if you have any others, please do not hesitate to contact us.